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Posted in Sermons on February 28, 2011 by nicholasnordlinger
Dear Churchgoers,
It has been far too long since I have given a good sermon to the congregation, but even those of us in the clergy have to take a break sometimes to reflect on our faith. During my pilgrimage I have festered in the oblivion of many different genres, but the dark devil in the back of my mind cannot help but hearken endlessly back to that strange nostalgia that I find in the slasher film. I have long desired to do a four or five part slasher analysis series, each of which will help to constitute what I believe to be at the root of slasher history and the deeper meaning of the slasher story. For this reason, I will be spending a good deal of time working on these five major articles, each representing a different important aspect of the genre as focalized in a specific film. Anyways, just wanted to inform all that I had not lost my faith, and that I am working on something grand for the future.